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How to enter the #ReuniteMeWith competition

Simply fill in this entry form or send us a Skype video entry telling us who you'd like to bring home to support England and why.

  • #ReuniteMeWith my best mate, Rhys. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and daughter, having moved over in 2006. He was the best man at my wedding in 2013, giving up his Australia v England ticket in order to attend. I owe him this.

    - Andy
  • My sister, Clare, lives in Abu Dhabi and is an avid rugby fan. She is also a 'rugby referee' and normally refs at the Dubai 7s. Clare has never been able to afford tickets & flights to come over for the England games, She would be OVER THE MOON

    - Carmel
  • Steve & I met 1997 at school. Inseparable since. Rugby was our lives; playing & watching. He moved to New York in 2011 & hasn't seen a game since. I've the honour of being his best man in August in NY & this'd be the most incredible gift for us both

    - Nick
  • #ReuniteMeWith my Dad, Brian who lives in Valencia, Spain. He used to play rugby for RAF and has an international cap from representing Hong Kong whilst he was based there. He watches rugby on TV without fail, but really misses going to Twickenham.

    - Iain
  • #ReuniteMeWith my stepson James who lives in Australia with his lovely wife and my two grandchildren. His wife and children are coming to the UK shortly to see his wife's mother who is ill, however finances do not stretch to him coming home too :(

    - Denise
  • Laurence lives and works in Qatar. We have been friends since primary school and joined the Royal Marines together. We chat on Skype and are huge England and Bath rugby fans, but as Mac is in Qatar, we haven't been to a game in years.

    - Ronnie
  • I'm nominating my daughter living in Sydney to join her 85 year old Dad! I brought her up on England rugby and we still share the passion! Each match sees an exchange of texts across the world, whatever the result! I'd love to sit next to her again.

    - Harry
  • My son Jack is living in Australia. We and his two sisters miss him terribly. Jack is a huge rugby fan He is up early to watch and What's App us during the match to share the emotions. The family want to sit together and enjoy the rugby please

    - Felicity
  • #reunitewithme my Mother! She's been in Turkey since '12 and I barely get to see her anymore. Not only is it her bday in March, but my fondest memories of our friendship are all of the hours spent driving/watching me play rugger and screaming along

    - Ben
  • Please #ReuniteMeWith my old Uni housemate Dave, who has moved to Vancouver, Canada. We went to Twickenham as students and had a huge day out. It would be great to bring him home for a match and to relive the good times as mates.

    - Jack
  • Reunite me with my boyfriend Greg so I can propose to him at an England Rugby game this year!!!

    - Kathy

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